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Fig. 6. c-SMRT overexpression knocks down posterior Hox, PSM and CNH markers. Embryos injected unilaterally at 2- or 4-cell stage with 4 ng c-smrt mRNA or control (mCherry) mRNA. Injected side indicated by magenta β-gal lineage tracer. (A,C,E,G,I,K) Control expression of Hoxc10, Hoxd10, Hoxc13, Msgn1, Tbx6 and xNot. (B,D,F,H,J,L) c-smrt overexpression shortens the axis on injected side in 70% of embryos. (B) c-smrt mRNA results in lateral knockdown (13/23 embryos), neural knockdown (7/23) or neural rostral shift (7/23) in Hoxc10 expression. (D) c-smrt mRNA produces neural and lateral knockdown (15/19) or lateral knockdown alone (4/19) of Hoxd10 expression. (F,H,J) c-smrt mRNA knocks down expression of Hoxc13 (14/18), Msgn1 (12/14) and Tbx6 (15/15). Tailbud embryos shown with anterior to left. (H′,J′) Caudal views of H and J. (L) c-smrt mRNA knocks down xNot (12/15) expression in neurula stage embryos (caudal view, dorsal to top).

Image published in: Janesick A et al. (2014)

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