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Figure 1. Induction of postural asymmetry and skeletal distortion by UL. A,B, Removal of all labyrinthine end organs (A1,A3) from the otic capsule on the left side in a stage 55 tadpole (A2,A4) causes a persistent leftward bending of the body/tail, during the premetamorphic larval period (B), mainly along the first 10 myotomes (m); A4 is a close-up of the boxed area in A2, and A3 was obtained from a control animal other than that shown in A1. C, Top (C1) and frontal (C2) view of a postmetamorphic young adult frog (stage 66) subjected to a UL at larval stage 55, illustrating the typical twisted body shape and asymmetric limb positions. D, Microphotograph of a 3D reconstructed μ-CT scan of the distorted skeleton of a stage 66 adult Xenopus subjected to a UL at larval stage 55. Red asterisks in A–D indicate the side of the lesion; ac, pc, hc, anterior, posterior vertical, horizontal semicircular canals; oc, otic capsule; sa, saccule; ut, utricle.

Image published in: Lambert FM et al. (2013)

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