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Figure 3. nodal1 and gdf3 Cooperate in the Regulation of Cilia Length (A) nodal1 and gdf3 expression in the area of Notch1 morphant GRPs at stage 13/14 by wholemount in situ hybridization. Red arrowheads indicate reduction of nodal1 and gdf3 expression. A white triangle indicates the central area of the GRP. ‘‘n’’ indicates number of analyzed embryos. a, anterior; p, posterior; L, left; R, right. (B) Shortened and rescued cilia at the GRP. Xnr1MO (10 ng), DerMO (10 ng), and/or conMO (20 ng) were injected. The scale bar represents 20 mm. a, anterior; p, posterior. (C) Average length of cilia from (B). (D and E) Leftward flow after single and double knockdown of nodal1 and gdf3. Velocity (D) is shown in mm/s, and directionality (E) is shown in rho. Rhodamine-B dextran was used as a lineage tracer. Statistical analyses were carried out using Excel using SEM and Student’s t test to calculate p values (*p % 0.05, **p % 0.005, ***p % 0.0005, ****p % 0.00005; n.s., not significant).

Image published in: Tözser J et al. (2015)

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nodal1.L nr1, Xnr-1, Xnr1, nodal-related 1, nr1-a, spaw, nodalX.laevisSometime during NF stage 13 to NF stage 14gastrocoel roof plate
gdf3.L derrière, derriere, vgr2, vgr-2, gdf-3X.laevisSometime during NF stage 13 to NF stage 14gastrocoel roof plate
tuba4b.L tuba4, alpha tubulin, alpha-tubulin, tuba4aX.laevisSometime during NF stage 13 to NF stage 14gastrocoel roof plate
ciliated cell

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