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Figure S3. Overexpression of PN1 and Dkk1 promote anterior development (A) Uninjected embryo at tailbud stage. (B-D) PN1.a, PN1.b, and Dkk1 mRNA induce enlarged head and shortened trunk/tail structures. (E,F) PN1.b and Dkk1 mRNA widen eye structures in tadpole embryos. Insets show magnification of eye. Note the expansion of the optic fissure (arrowhead) that is characteristic of coloboma. Embryos were animally injected at the 4-cell stage with mRNAs: PN1.a, 4 ng; PN1.b, 16 ng; Dkk1, 32 pg. Indicated phenotypes were observed in B, 40/54; C, 23/23; D, 34/34; E, 26/31; F, 46/53.

Image published in: Acosta H et al. (2015)

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