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Fig. 2. DVL2 is a substrate of PGAM5. (A) Knockdown of PGAM5 in HEK 293T cells was sufficient to induce hyperphosphorylation of DVL2. (B) Overexpressed HA-DVL2 yielded two distinct bands on western blots. Co-expression of PGAM5-Flag visibly diminished the slower migrating, hyperphosphorylated band, whereas the phosphatasedeficient mutant PGAM5-H105A-Flag did not affect electrophoretic mobility of HA-DVL2. (C) Cell lysates were incubated with recombinant GST (control) or GST-tagged PGAM5δ (lacking the N-terminal mitochondrial targeting sequence) for 30 min. In the presence of recombinant GST-PGAM5δ, DVL2 was gradually dephosphorylated. For B and C, intensities have been quantified and the ratio between the hyperphosphorylated band (a) and the faster-migrating band (b) is provided below the corresponding blots.

Image published in: Rauschenberger V et al. (2017)

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