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Figure 5. Effect of Unilateral Injection at the Z-Cell Stage of mRNA Encoding the Short XlHbox 1 Protein The top two photographs (A, B) are of an embryo injected with mutant short XlHbox l/pro45 protein mRNA. Uninjected control tadpoles were identical. The bottom pair (C, D) corresponds to an embryo injected with short XlHbox 1 protein mANA. (A) and (C) show dorsal views of embryos immunostained in whole mount with long XlHbox 1Ab. (B) and (D) show transverse sections taken at the level of the arrows in (A) and (C), respectively, immunostained with long XlHbox I-Ab; positive nuclei appear black. Arrowheads in (C) and (D) indicate the reduced number of neurons expressing XlHbox 1 caused by producing short XlHbox 1 protein on this side of the embryo. In (8) and (D), XlHbox l-positive nuclei are present in the lateral plate mesoderm (Oliver et al., 1988; Wright et al., 1989a). Mydome cells do not express the XlHbox 1 protein. Abbreviations: ANT., anterior; POST., posterior; DF, dorsal fin; ENDO, endoderm; LPM, lateral plate mesoderm; MYO, myotome; NO, notochord; SC, spinal cord. Bar = 50 pm.

Image published in: Wright CV et al. (1989)

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