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Sci Rep 2018 Oct 30;81:16029. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-34038-x.
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The Lhx1-Ldb1 complex interacts with Furry to regulate microRNA expression during pronephric kidney development.

Espiritu EB , Crunk AE , Bais A , Hochbaum D , Cervino AS , Phua YL , Butterworth MB , Goto T , Ho J , Hukriede NA , Cirio MC .

The molecular events driving specification of the kidney have been well characterized. However, how the initial kidney field size is established, patterned, and proportioned is not well characterized. Lhx1 is a transcription factor expressed in pronephric progenitors and is required for specification of the kidney, but few Lhx1 interacting proteins or downstream targets have been identified. By tandem-affinity purification, we isolated FRY like transcriptional coactivator (Fryl), one of two paralogous genes, fryl and furry (fry), have been described in vertebrates. Both proteins were found to interact with the Ldb1-Lhx1 complex, but our studies focused on Lhx1/Fry functional roles, as they are expressed in overlapping domains. We found that Xenopus embryos depleted of fry exhibit loss of pronephric mesoderm, phenocopying the Lhx1-depleted animals. In addition, we demonstrated a synergism between Fry and Lhx1, identified candidate microRNAs regulated by the pair, and confirmed these microRNA clusters influence specification of the kidney. Therefore, our data shows that a constitutively-active Ldb1-Lhx1 complex interacts with a broadly expressed microRNA repressor, Fry, to establish the kidney field.

PubMed ID: 30375416
PMC ID: PMC6207768
Article link: Sci Rep
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: actr3 aldh1a2 ankrd13a anxa2 atp1b1 capn5 cdc42 cpne1 ctnnd1 ctrl drg1 eef2.1 flii fry fryl gnas gnb1 iqgap1 iqgap2 kif5b kras krt19 ldb1 lhx1 lima1 marcks mcm5 myc myod1 pax8 ppia ppp1cb psmd6 rac1 rhoa rras2 slc25a3 src ssbp2 stom tbk1 tmod3 vill wt1 ywhaz
GO keywords: kidney development [+]
Antibodies: Fryl Ab1 Kidney Ab2 Myc Ab14
Morpholinos: fry MO1

GEO Series: GSE100434: NCBI

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References [+] :
Agrawal, The miR-30 miRNA family regulates Xenopus pronephros development and targets the transcription factor Xlim1/Lhx1. 2009, Pubmed, Xenbase