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Figure 3. Outward GAT1 transport current defined by cytoplasmic GABA and NO-711. Outward GAT1 transport current activated by 20 mM cytoplasmic GABA (120 mM NaCl on both membrane sides) was defined by removing GABA with substitution by aspartate (▪) and by applying 0.13 mM NO-711 in the continued presence of GABA (□) on the cytoplasmic side. Note that the two subtraction protocols give very similar results. The results were therefore pooled and fitted by the Boltzmann equation described in materials and methods (solid line; equivalent charge, 0.63). (•) Subtraction of an I–V relation with GABA from one without GABAi in the presence of 0.13 mM cytoplasmic NO-711.

Image published in: Lu CC and Hilgemann DW (1999)

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