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Figure 7. Coimmunoprecipitation of severed CFTR constructs. Digitonin-solubilized membrane proteins were immunoprecipitated with anti–Flag M2 affinity beads, eluted, resolved with SDS-PAGE on 7.5–10% gradient gels, and blotted with anti–R-domain antibody (top) or anti–NH2-terminus antibody (bottom). (A) Constructs severed near the COOH terminus of NBD1: uninjected (lane 1), Flag3-622+634-1480 (lane 2), Flag3-633+634-1480 (lane 3); arrows are as in Fig. 5 A. (B) Constructs severed near the NH2-terminus of NBD1: Flag3-432+449-1480 (lane 1), Flag3-432+433-1480 (lane 2); arrows are as in Fig. 6 A.

Image published in: Chan KW et al. (2000)

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