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Figure 5. . The importance of AE2 residues E346 and E347 to regulation of Cl− transport by pHi is not restricted to side chain charge. (A) Schematic of AE2 E346 and E347 substitution mutants. (B) Representative time course of 36Cl− efflux from oocytes expressing wild-type AE2 (filled circles) or the AE2 mutants E346D (open circles) or E347D (closed inverted triangles) during elevation of pHi by removal of bath butyrate (40 mM) and subsequent inhibition by DIDS (200 μM). (C) Mean fold stimulation (± SEM) after butyrate removal measured in n oocytes expressing wild-type AE2 or the indicated mutants. Asterisk indicates P < 0.05 (Student's unpaired t test).

Image published in: Stewart AK et al. (2002)

Copyright © 2002, The Rockefeller University Press. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

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