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Figure 5. Protein expression of CFTR constructs severed near the COOH terminus of NBD1. (A and B) Immunoblots of membrane proteins from oocytes expressing individual CFTR segments or pairs of segments, as indicated, resolved by SDS-PAGE, transferred, and blotted with anti–R-domain antibody (A) or with anti–Flag M2 antibody (B). (C) Coexpressed constructs Flag3-633 plus 634-1480 were digested with N-glycosidase-F (left) or endoglycosidase-H (right), and the products were identified with anti–R-domain antibody. Arrows in A and C mark fully glycosylated (∼150 kD, fat arrow), core glycosylated (∼95 kD, thin arrow), and deglycosylated (∼90 kD, thin arrow) forms of the 634-1480 protein.

Image published in: Chan KW et al. (2000)

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