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Figure 5. A glutamate at position 204 of the Molf or Rolf channel produced gating kinetics similar to those of the Brod channel. In the absence of DAG, the Molf channel has no detectable gating kinetics, whereas Molf G204E has obvious gating kinetics, much like the Brod channel. Currents were obtained with either 10 μM (Brod), 1 μM (Molf), or 1 μM (Molf G204E) cGMP in response to voltage jumps ranging from −100 to +100 mV in steps of 50 mV, from a holding potential of 0 mV. For clarity, only currents at −100, 0, and +100 mV are shown. At +100 mV, the observed currents had an I/Imax of 0.20, 0.15, and 0.15, respectively (from left to right).

Image published in: Crary JI et al. (2000)

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