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Figure 2. Voltage-dependent activity of cGMP-gated channels at 7 and 700 μM cGMP. The final filter frequency was 2 kHz. (A) 7 μM cGMP. The voltage was stepped repetitively between −50 and +50 mV every 3 s. In each 3-s interval, three traces were recorded for 500 ms. The patch contained at least three channels. The corresponding ensemble averaged currents (top, calculated from 12 individual traces each) show outward rectification. (B) 700 μM cGMP. The patch contained only one channel. Although the Po at −50 mV is also smaller than that at +50 mV (for values see text) the degree of outward rectification is lower than at 7 μM cGMP.

Image published in: Benndorf K et al. (1999)

© 1999 The Rockefeller University Press. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

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