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Figure 3. Current–voltage relations of the fully activated GAT cotransport currents. Here, and in subsequent figures, the steady state transport rate is plotted on the y axis. The data points are scaled membrane current values from experiments described previously (Lu and Hilgemann 1999a,Lu and Hilgemann 1999b). Solid curves are model predictions. The reverse (outward) current–voltage relation (▪) is with 120 mM cytoplasmic NaCl, 20 mM cytoplasmic GABA, and 20 mM extracellular Cl−. The forward (inward) current–voltage relation (•) is with 120 mM extracellular NaCl, 0.2 mM extracellular GABA, and no cytoplasmic substrates. The mixed current–voltage relation (dashed line) is with 120 mM NaCl on both membrane sides, 2 mM cytoplasmic GABA, and 0.2 mM extracellular GABA.

Image published in: Hilgemann DW and Lu CC (1999)

© 1999 The Rockefeller University Press. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

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