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Xenopus laevis v10.1 and Xenopus tropicalis v10 genomes

For Xenopus tropicalis genome v10 and Xenopus laevis genome v10.1: 

- both genome versions are fully integrated into Xenbase so their gene models and sequences will appear on our genepages for those that are annotated to Xenbase genes

- both genome sequences can be searched thru our BLAST interface, and their mRNA, protein and CDS sequences are included in BLAST as well

- they are both available on JBrowse with a small set of tracks so far for each

- they both have morpholino tracks on JBrowse and will continually be updated every week for any new morpholinos that are added by the curators

- all relevant files that we have from those genome versions are available on Xenbase FTP and the Xenbase downloads page



The Xenopus laevis version 10 (v10.1) released 4/12/2021.


Click here to view the Xenopus laevis v10.1 genome on NCBI.

Chromosomes for .L and .S are represented.



The Xenopus tropicalis version 10 (v10) genome released 11/14/2019.

Click here to view the official release document regarding X. tropicalis genome v10.

Note: on JBrowse, X. tropicalis v10.7 refers to the genome annotation version of v10. The ".7" refers to the number of annotation runs applied to the v10 genome displayed on the genome browser.

X. tropicalis genome v10 sequence contains:

     99.86% of the genome mapped to chromosomes (1,449,319,640 bps)
     remaining 0.135% of the total sequence in 156 scaffolds (1,963,959 bps)

Version 10 has 4500 completely new models. ~50% of these are single exon genes, 18% new gene models that were not present in version 9.1.

Within these subsets of genes, 83% of them have updated and refined gene models.

The Xenopus tropicalis v9.1 genome had 34232 models - including tRNAs, pseudogenes, and microRNAs.

75% of version 10 has retention and refinement of v9.1 sequences with approximately 19,000 genes having 1:1 mappings to the 9.1 models.

Annotations of the gene models will be forthcoming.


Click here to view the Xenopus tropicalis v10 genome sequencing and assembly at the NCBI BioProject.

Click here to view the NCBI statistics on the X. tropicalis v10 assembly.






Image credit: Yoshinobu Uno, copyright 2016

Last Updated: 2022-07-14