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Self-Organization in Biology Freiburg Spemann-Mangold Centennial Symposium

Self-Organization in Biology
Freiburg Spemann-Mangold Centennial Symposium
16-19 September 2024 | University of Freiburg, Germany


Self-Organization in Biology: Freiburg Spemann-Mangold Centennial Symposium celebrates 100 years of scientific advances rooted in Hilde Mangold’s and Hans Spemann’s discovery of the gastrula organizer in vertebrate development, published in 1924 and awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1935.

It builds a bridge to today’s molecular and cellular understanding self-organization in developing systems, including gastrulation, stem cell organoids, morphogen gradients, invertebrate systems, Evo-Devo, and emerging fields deriving from the discovery of embryonic induction.

Abstracts for talks and posters are invited on the following topics. They should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 3 May 2024

We encourage active participation in the symposium, and, if registration numbers may exceed symposium capacity, we may preferentially admit registrations with abstract submissions. A limited number of submitted abstracts will be selected for short talks, therefore please indicate if you wish to present an oral presentation.

History of the organizer and of self-organizing systems
The gastrula organizer
Gastrulation cell behavior
Pattern formation
Signaling pathways in self-organizing systems
Self-organization in morphogenesis
Organizing organoids and gastruloids
From stem cells to synthetic organizers
Self-organization in development
Plant organizers

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