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Summary Literature (2)
Literature for DOID 2352: hemochromatosis

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In vitro functional analysis of human ferroportin (FPN) and hemochromatosis-associated FPN mutations., Schimanski LM,Drakesmith H,Merryweather-Clarke AT,Viprakasit V,Edwards JP,Sweetland E,Bastin JM,Cowley D,Chinthammitr Y,Robson KJ,Townsend AR, Blood. May 15, 2005; 105(10):1528-0020.
Impaired iron transport activity of ferroportin 1 in hereditary iron overload., McGregor JA,Shayeghi M,Vulpe CD,Anderson GJ,Pietrangelo A,Simpson RJ,McKie AT, J Membr Biol. July 1, 2005; 206(1):1432-1424.